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Healing through Connection

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SomaFlow Health and Massage, LLC


We offer a variety of Massage Therapy Services to meet the unique needs of every Client.

SomaFlow provides in-studio and mobile massage therapy services to the Greater Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area.  Our office location is conveniently situated in downtown Portland, while our mobile services come to your home, work, or event.  Whether you are looking for a moment to relax, relief from chronic pain or stress SomaFlow Health and Massage will support your individualized wellness goals.

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Relaxation Massage

Take some much needed time to relax your body and mind. Choose from a 60, 75, and 90 minute relaxation massage. Consider adding hot stones or aromatherapy as a complimentary service.

Corporate Wellness

Would you like a happier, healthier, more productive workplace environment? Promote corporate wellness with chair or table massage therapy and wellness workshops.

Deep tissue massage is a great option for treating chronic pain, repetitive strain or recent injury. 

Deep Tissue Massage 
Deep Tissue Massage

Increase strength and flexibility while aiding in the prevention of repetitive injury and sprains from your favorite sport or activity. 

Restorative Sound Healing

Tune into your breath and nervous system for this deeply restorative experience using breath, vibrational sound therapy, and massage.

Classes and Workshops

Coming soon!

Meet Kristi


 Kristi L. Carlough BA, LMT

 Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist #24493

I am so excited to share with you the healing potential that massage therapy offers. I've enjoyed over 15 years as a counselor, educator, and skills coach before finding the highly effective tools that somatic, body-centered medicine provides thanks to extensive research in the medical field. In my all of those years working one on one with people in non-profit and educational environments, the most effective treatment was always that met with a holistic eye. In 2018, I started SomaFlow Health and Massage, LLC. One thing that set us apart is our movement to support alternative wellness in the community environment and flexibility for outreach. During Massage sessions our goal is not only to alleviate pain symptoms, but also to keep them from coming back in the future. My work is a blend of relaxation, deep tissue, neuromuscular and eastern modalities.During your first session you can expect a personalized treatment plan that works best for you. 


"Kristi is very talented at what she does.  She took her time asking questions beforehand and establishing a deep understanding of what I needed.  I was dealing with recovering from minor whiplash at the time and she did wonders to my neck and back.  I also really enjoyed her use of oils for anti-inflammatory, hot stones and CBD!  I was tingling with healing energy by the end and my pain left my body!  Would definitely recommend her, she won't disappoint."

— Lila R.

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